Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?
We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Who can I contact for more information?
For more information, please feel free to call us at (302) 831-2073 or email the laboratory coordinator.

How long is an appointment?
Appointments last about half an hour. Most of that time is spent playing to help your child get acquainted with a new place and with new people. The studies themselves usually only take a few minutes.

Can I bring my other children with me?
Absolutely! We always have research assistants in the lab who enjoy spending time with children. We have a play room and a collection of toys for various ages. If you plan to bring your other children along, please let us know when you make your appointment. You may also bring other adults with you, too; relatives and friends are welcome!

Who makes sure that your studies are ethical and safe?
All of our studies have been approved by the University of Delaware’s Institutional Review Board. This University-wide panel evaluates proposed studies involving human participants at least once a year. If you wish to read more about this panel, please visit the Institutional Review Board’s website.